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Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill

Last Saturday I went to this restaurant called Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill. Well, it also has bowling. One side of it is a restaurant and the other side is bowling. We first ate while we were waiting to bowl. I ordered the shrimp alfredo, containing tomatoes and green onions. The tomatoes gave it a lot of flavors when it was eaten all together. I really enjoyed the shrimp alfredo.


After eating, we went bowling. The bowling area looked like an ocean. It had fish hanging from the ceiling, ocean decorated wall paintings, and a projected picture of the ocean on the floor. They also had this ship on top of the bar in the middle to make it look like you were underwater and you can see the bottom of the ship. I had so much fun going bowling and eating on Saturday night. c700x420



Starbucks Dragon Fruit Refresher

One thing that I love to get at Starbucks is a dragon fruit refresher. I always get it because it tastes really fruity. It also has these little seeds inside of them that are crunchy and sweet. When I drink it, I feel relaxed and cooled off. I suggest getting the dragon fruit refresher from Starbucks because it makes you relaxed and tastes really fruity. I am definitely going to get it a lot during the summer.

Norton Seafood House and Sound

Last Tuesday I came home from Alaska. While we were waiting for our flight to Seattle, we found this seafood place called Norton Seafood House and Sound in the airport. I asked my mom if we could eat there because they had clam chowder, and she said yes! I ordered a bowl of clam chowder. It had clam, potatoes, crackers, and green onions. The bowl was really filling and by the time we got on the flight.

Golden Corral

One night in Alaska, we went to Golden Corral for dinner. They have one in California in Sacramento that I sometimes go to. Golden Corral is a buffet place. It has a whole bunch of foods like meat, hamburgers, pizza, mac and cheese, and more! They also have a lot of desserts like cake, pie, ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate marshmallows. All of my siblings like going to Golden Corral because they have a lot of foods that they like to eat. I enjoy going to Golden Corral because they have a variety of different foods!


Alyeska Pond Cafe

The hotel that I stayed at when we went to Alaska is called the Alyeska. It is supposed to be the nicest hotel in Alaska, so I was really excited to stay there! Inside of the Alyeska, they have stores and restaurants. On Sunday morning, my parents took me and my siblings to the breakfast buffet called the Pond Cafe. The service and food was really good. They had this station where you can make your own omelet and put things inside of it. My favorite item was the biscuits and gravy because the gravy had so much flavor and a lot of stuff inside of it. My family enjoyed eating at the Alyeska Pond Cafe.

pond cafe

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