Homemade Juicy Luicy

I ate this delicious hamburger called a Juicy Luicy. It is an ordinary hamburger, but it has cheese oozing out on the inside of the patty. My mom made this Juicy Luicy by putting cheese in the middle of 2 hamburger patties. Then she sealed it and my dad grilled it. You can put anything you want on it, like a normal hamburger. I put lettuce and ketchup on mine. I loved how the cheese oozed out of the patty.

Why you should be responsible in Multimedia Class

You should definitely be responsible in Multimedia class. In this class, you have to take on a lot of responsibilities. You have to deal with camera equipment, lighting equipment, your blog, and being careful around all of the equipment. You also have to learn to get along with others as a team. Another thing you have to do is not talk, especially when people are trying to film videos to get good grades. You have act mature in order to be in this class.


One reason why you have to be mature is because of all of the expensive equipment that we get to use. For example, we get to use cameras, tripods, green screens, and lighting equipment. They are all really expensive, so we have to take good care of it or else it will break and all of the money will be wasted. This is one reason why we have to be responsible in multimedia class.


Another reason why we have to be responsible is because if we are talking while people are trying to film something, like morning announcements, people will be able to hear other people talking in the background when they are watching the video. People will think that the video is bad quality, and will think that this isn’t a good class. You also have to be quiet because people could be trying to write about their blog, and won’t be able to focus because some people are talking. Then they will get a bad grade because they weren’t able to focus. That’s why you can’t talk while people are trying to film videos or write their blog.


The last reason why you have to be responsible in multimedia class is because you have to learn to get along with everyone. If you aren’t responsible then people won’t want to work with you and will report you to Mr.Owens and say that you weren’t being responsible with the stuff you are supposed to do. You might also get certain things taken away like being able to film. If you are responsible, then you might have access to be able to do certain things. This is why you should be responsible because you might be given access to certain things.


You should always be responsible, not only in multimedia class. You should always be responsible around expensive and important stuff. Your also gonna be responsible in school. For example, you have to be responsible for your homework and your class work. This is why you have to be responsible in multimedia class.

Drinking Boba At Quickly

img_0510Boba is a delicious drink. It is a drink  that is like a smoothie with little black gummies inside. The place I went to to get the boba was Quickly. I go there about once every week. There is a variety of flavors like taro, mango, strawberry, and much more. There is also a variety of what you can get on the inside of your drink beside boba. You can get strawberry popping, green apple popping, mango popping, and more. They also have different drinks beside boba like smoothies, milkshakes, and snow ice. Snow ice is pretty much a chunky milkshake. The drink that I got was an oreo snow ice. It was one of the best things I ordered from Quickly! I am probably always gonna order it!