Mariachi Mexican Grill

Last week I went to this place called Mariachi Mexican Grill. We found this place in Walnut Creek. I ordered a chimichanga. I didn’t like how you had to eat it with a fork, since it was super messy. The chicken also made it dry. I didn’t really like what I ordered, but my family seemed to like what they ordered. I might have just ordered the wrong thing.



When I was in Seattle, my mom wanted to go to this place called Beecher’s. She told us that it was a handmade cheese place with macaroni and cheese. We all got super excited and went there. When we got our food, I was so excited to eat the food. I was satisfied with the mac and cheese because the cheese had so much flavor. The cheese they used was parmesan cheese. We also ordered to extra blocks of cheese to eat with crackers. Beecher’s has one of the best macaroni and cheese ever!

VooDoo Donuts

When I was in Seattle, we stopped in Portland and ate at this place called VooDoo Donuts. It is famous for its Voodoo theme. If you are wondering what makes this donut store special, it is the donuts. They have so many cool types of dounts there, like one with peanut butter and oreos, a Voodoo doll with strawberry jelly inside, bubble gum flavor, and much more! We went to VooDoo Donuts on the way to Seattle and on the way back home because we loved it so much!

Killer Burger

When I went to Seattle, my family stopped in Portland. We were all hungry and trying to find somewhere to eat. Then, we found a place called Killer Burger. We tried it, and it was SOOOOOOO good! Every single burger comes with bacon in it, and the patties are super juicy. They also added  barbeque sauce, and it gave the bacon so much flavor. I would definnetly go to Killer Burger again!

Asian Pearl

Last night I went to Asian Pearl for Chinese New Year. As you can see in the picture, there is a large pan. It is the family size pan. It has a whole bunch of mixed foods in there like shrimp, clear noodles, chicken, and vegetables. I really enjoyed the clear noodles and the shrimp. I really enjoyed going to Asian Pearl.